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Flaunt Your Baby Bump with Style!

Posted on 26 Jun 2016

When you’re growing a tiny human inside of you, it’s not always easy to look your best. Your body is most likely not looking or feeling like you used to and your favorite clothes are getting a bit too tight!...

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Ramadan Tips from Max

Posted on 01 Jun 2016

How to Stay Healthy   Don’t skip Suhoor! For Suhoor, eat plenty of fiber (fruit, whole grains, vegetables, etc) and protein (milk, eggs, yogurt, nuts, etc.). Don’t drink too much water all at once.  During the day, avoid sun exposure...

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Max Your Home

Posted on 29 Jun 2015

Home sweet home! It’s where families and friends gather to relax, eat and create everlasting memories. We know how important your home is and that is why our #Maxhomedeco collection covers every detail; from candles and paintings to plates and...

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Family Values First this Ramadan

Posted on 21 Jun 2015

At Max we believe the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing and this Ramadan we want to encourage everyone to spend quality time with their families. We have the best ingredients for a great night in this Ramadan!...

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Maxi it with Max

Posted on 17 Jun 2014

The Maxi dress is a wardrobe staple for every woman. Max offers brilliant options in cotton and other fine fabrics, which will keep you feeling cool and breezy, even on the hottest summer days.  Maxi dresses also offer a flattering...

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Summer 2014

Posted on 05 Jun 2014

Summer has started with a bang and with the temperatures soaring we need all need a wardrobe revamp. Max's Summer 2014 collection (in stores now!) is your savior.  Consisting of international trends and runway influences, the new line is your...

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