Autumn Trends: Why we’re excited for a new season!

Posted on 25 Aug 2016

Embrace the impending fresh weather and take this time to reflect on your summer choices (life choices, fashion choices, etc) congratulate yourself on being fantastic, and find out what you’re going to be better at this season.

Here at Max “We’re ready to fall into fall” Our summer collection was on fire (if we may say so ourselves) and for months we’ve been following the runways to bring you the best of the best! And this autumn we are in LOVE with the trending colors, textures and vibes. Colors are rich and dramatic, textures are natural and rugged and the vibes are cozy, classy, poignant and a little bit dark and romantic.


Each season you get better and better at what you do. We’re extra excited that the color of deep port is taking center stage this fall. Paired with your sustained summer glow and renewed sense of being, this color is calm yet full of life. Pair it with trending grey, rich browns or camel, and add textured and dulled metallic jewelry for that hint of necessary rugged shine.

Other important colors this season are seen in solid, bold, color-blocked forms as well as in masculine patterns that magically showcase your femininity. Grey, navy, magenta, peach and forest green are also some key players this upcoming fall season. Get crazy color blocking with  these warm, rich colors because monochrome is a thing of the past! For now….

You’re going to look effortlessly cool this autumn, with flowy, loose-fitting garments!

Also look for a switch from a soft, brushed feminine look towards a more natural and rugged one.

Think taking a trip into nature and having a bonfire- those colors. Deep and warm. And textures that make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to experience the best of your parents’ era.

The most fun part of autumn? Layers! Layer to add colors, themes and fun textures, layer jewelry to show off your glamour and personality.


For men, warm oat colors, camel, clay, mustard and maroon mixed with both deep and light blues are prominent colors for fall. The ‘70s vibes are sticking around and they’re merging with sporty and classic tailored shapes. Layering these colors, themes, fabrics and textures is highly recommended in order to be prepared for the changing temperatures AND look stylish as ever.

Men, flaunt your fun, youthful side. Wear those patterns your mom dressed you in as a kid and mix them with tailored men’s jackets and dress shoes. All men were boys once, and the best men remember it! It’s more important than you think. Life is not meant to be about all work and no play- throw some fun into the mix and you’ll thank yourself later!

We LOVE that maroon and deep reds and purples are trending for fall, and we love them on our men! Whoever said these colors are feminine hasn’t seen a handsome, confident man rocking this modern/retro look:


A smarter take on casual looks is what autumn is all about for kids! You know how in the ‘50s people used to put more time and effort into their appearances? Well this trend is back! Along with ‘50s-style quilting detailing, relaxed fit looks and color-blocking with all the fall colors the parents are wearing and more! Because kids will be kids and some of them like summer colors in autumn :)

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