Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Posted on 09 Dec 2014

It’s the holiday season, and we all know what that means. Gift alerts for you and your loved ones!

We know that gift shopping can be a tricky experience. You want to be sure you’ve made the right gift choice but, let’s face it, you can only get your hubby so many leather wallets, or your little ones so many woolen sweaters and patterned hats.

However, we have put some serious thought to assemble some easily affordable gift packages that guarantee a delightful and enjoyable experience for you.

Little girls can be very difficult to please sometimes. They want to try out all their outfits and make sure they look their best. A piece of advice - A snug denim skirt and a baby-pink sweater will keep her delighted all day.

We know what you’re thinking-this would be the perfect glam gift to buy for yourself instead of giving it to your BFF. And why not? After all, a woman needs to pamper herself. Take it with our blessing!


 Bright colors are magic, especially during winter. They give your house that touch of warmth and brightness that every home needs. Max’s home-friendly pack of cutlery and matching coasters are gauranteed to keep your mood lifted and your spirits high.