Back-to-School with Max

Posted on 29 Jul 2015

Summer is slowly coming to an end which means one thing, time to go back to school! At Max we understand how hard it can be for kids to say goodbye to a summer of fun and return for another year of early mornings and pre-packed lunches so that is why we have made sure our back-to-school collection features everyone’s favorite characters. Let’s meet the team making back-to-school fun!
Everyone’s favorite single-celled yellow organisms are now in-store at Max! Boys and girls will be going bananas for Max’s Minion-themed spine-friendly bags, lunchboxes and pencil cases! 
Girl Power!
Princesses everywhere will be excited to go back to school with Max’s Disney Princess back-to-school collection. Featuring Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel from Tangled, Max’s Disney Princess collection is enchantingly good!
For young explorers, Dora the Explorer will make going back to school an adventure! Say Adios to boring school bags thanks to Max! 
Girls of all ages can take their favorite fashion icon to school, Barbie! Max’s back-to-school collection features the bubbly blonde on a range of drink bottles, lunchboxes and backpacks!
Let’s hear it for the boys!
Young boys will be racing back to school with Max’s back-to-school collection featuring the impressive Ducati! Your son can speed away with a spine-friendly bag and matching accessories. Vroom vroom!
Is your Spidey-sense tingling? Thanks to Max’s pencil cases, lunchboxes and school bags featuring the one and only Spiderman! Watch out for the web!
Beware the return of the Ninjas! Your son will be the bravest kid in school with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back-to-school collection. 
The team at Max hopes you enjoy the start of the new school year! Don’t forget to share your children’s first day back at school by tagging @MaxFashionMENA on Twitter and Instagram!
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