Dress Up for Eid!

Posted on 16 Jul 2015

After a month of fasting and praying, Eid al-Fitr is a special time for families to reflect on their past month of gratitude and sacrifice and to show happiness for all the blessings in their lives. An occasion as momentous as Eid al-Fitr calls for glamorous outfits for the whole family. Luckily, Max is here to help with its Ramadan collection including embellishments, festive prints and sophisticated tailoring.
Read on for tips for dressing the whole family for fantastic Eid celebrations!
Ladies, the most important thing to remember for Eid dressing is that more is less! Be bold and stand out from the crowd in a deep red maxi-dress. Add extra glamour with a stack of dazzling bangles! To complete the look, check out Max’s Google+ blog on #DIY Ramadan tips to learn how to make pearl-embellished hairpins! 
The quickest way for Dads and sons to look chic this Eid al-Fitr is to pair a button down shirt with well-tailored trousers. For an added edge of old-Hollywood charm, complete the look with a traditional tie. Max even has a helpful guide showing how to tie it right!
Teenage girls will be in the festive spirit with abstract florals and gorgeous shades of pink. Your daughter can even take inspiration from mum and make hair pins out of black and pink gems!
Meanwhile, junior boys will be as cute as can be in short-sleeve button downs in fun checkered patterns! Pretend suspenders add some old world charm to their look.
With these stylish tips your whole family will impress at Eid al-Fitr celebrations!
Don’t forget to share your Eid al-Fitr looks with Max by tagging us @MaxFashionMENA on Instagram and Twitter or sharing images on our Facebook blogs. Eid Mubarak, from Max!
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