Fashion Resolutions for 2015

Posted on 31 Dec 2014

Fashion Resolutions for 2015


New Year’s is here! We know you’re busy planning a smashing resolution for 2015. You’ve probably challenged yourself to a new career path, a life-changing green diet and some serious gymming and getting-fit plans. Now sit back and let our Max consultants handle the rest for you.  Good resolutions start from the inside out, and what better way to embrace a new you than to start with your outfit? Remember, first impressions are everything, and Max is with you all the way to help you make a fresh start.


And now for the New Year Resolutions-drum rolls please!

 Our team of fashion and beauty consultants have put together these three must-dos for a successful fashionable 2015:


  1. Get the smoky look:

Everybody seems crazy about eyeliners these days, especially with the recent cat-eye trend. Yet they seem to be forgetting the essential base-smoking eye shadow basics. After all, Hollywood glamor was first achieved with the famous pairing of red lipsticks and blue eye shadow. While eyeliners are a great way to accentuate your eye color and form, there’s no such thing as adding a touch of smokiness.


           2. Back to basics black

Speaking of basics, we all know that black is the epitome of fashion classics. While florals and flashy accessories were a great way to reconnect with our hip and sassy inner fashionista-self, it won’t hurt to take some time off for a while and revel in the classic poise of black.


       3. Biker Boots

Any former girl-scout member will know what we’re talking about here, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a passionate outdoorsy type to relate to this advice. Our fashion team has noticed that the leading trend  for shoes is either soft feminine slipper-like shoes or neutral converse and Toms. But what about outdoor daring boots? A girl has to stay in touch with her nature-loving side, and these biker boots, which are on a rising trend right now, are a great way to reconnect with adventure!

       Stay tuned more tips and trends to come for 2015.