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Posted on 13 Oct 2015

As some of you may already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Shades of pink are the colors of support and awareness. People gather annually all over the globe to raise funds for cancer research, treatments and spread knowledge about prevention. In the spirit of Pink October we’ve gathered some easy tips that will help keep you healthy and could also potentially help prevent breast cancer. 
Scientists have discovered that a diet filled with plenty of fruits and veggies which are low in starchy carbohydrates and other healthy habits could significantly help inhibit breast cancer development and recurrence. Here are four of our favorite foods that, when eaten raw, could help prevent breast cancer.
  • Broccoli is good for you for many reasons including its Vitamin C and fiber content, but its cancer-fighting benefits stem from the DIM and selenium it contains, among many other useful ingredients. Some studies have shown that broccoli can even help block tumor growth. Broccoli to the rescue!  

  • Garlic is also a tasty way to potentially prevent breast cancer. In addition to adding delicious flavor to your favorite dishes, it also contains something called allyl sulfide which could have an impact on the cycling of cancer cells in your body. 

  • In ancient Egypt pomegranates were a symbol of ambition, just like those who are fighting to find a cure for cancer today! Scientists are now finding that pomegranates contain a compound that could help prevent estrogen-dependent cancers like breast cancer. 

  • Have berries for dessert! Juicy strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are sweet and delicious and full of antioxidants! These antioxidants help prevent cell damage in your body that can lead to many different types of cancer, including breast cancer. 
In addition to eating healthy also make sure of the following things:
1) Manage your weight, 
2) Be physically active, 
3) Making sure you have regular check-ups with your doctor, 
4) Creating an early detection plan,  
5) Avoiding cancer-causing habits like smoking, which could very well lead you to a cancer-free future.
So enjoy these raw and delicious foods for their cancer-fighting properties and more. And don’t forget to wear pink to support breast cancer awareness this month! 
*Please be aware that these facts have been gathered from multiple health websites and are not a cure for cancer. The writer is not a doctor or health professional. For more information about cancer prevention, it is always best to contact your healthcare professional. 


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