Posted on 13 Aug 2018


Newbie to Lingerie Expert in 5 easy steps.


Our undergarments are an essential part of our wardrobe, and we are here to give you tips on how to shop your lingerie pieces! With these tips you’ll become your own expert personal shopper! So let’s get started to learn  more about your most suitable  lingerie pieces  in 5 easy steps:

Always tend to choose the right bra that makes you feel good and comfortable, we are providing you with fun options with a wide range of colors at an amazing price of only 29 AED/QR, 30 SAR, 2.75 KD, 3 BD/OR, 8 JD, 18,000 LBP, for a Bra and 12 AED/SAR/QR, 1 KD, 1.2 BD/OR, 3.5 JD and 7,000 LBP for a panty!

We are as well providing bundle prices, 2 Bras for 49 AED, 50 SAR, 4.50 KD, 5 BD/OR, 44 QR, 13 JD, 28,000 LBP, for a Bra and 19 AED, 20 SAR/QR, 1.75 KD, 2 BD/OR, 5.5 JD and 12,000 LBP for a panty! 

1- Find the right Cut :

You’ve got to know your bras and know what fits you to make you comfortable and look even better!

  • Plunge Bras: The fashionista in you will love beautifully embellished plunge bras, some with elaborate embroidery or stretch lace.
  • Demi Bras: take a minimalist approach to lift and support, covering only what is required, yet still providing a comfortable, fantastic fit. It is ideal coverage for petite to average sized women. 

All our bras are padded which is intended to provide fullness and an enhanced lift. Always feel the comfort with our selection. As for wiring: Our bras are all underwired/wired which is the most common means of support. 

As for panties, the most popular cuts for Panties are: 

  • Classic Briefs this type of pantie is definitely the most common and the most comfortable, so if you’re looking for more coverage, the classic briefs are the right choice for you.
  • Bikini: less coverage from a classic brief but still modest, a bikini has a lower rise and higher cut leg.
  • Boyshorts: a favorite for anyone who values comfort and coverage.


Our new collection is all about cool cotton fabrics and funky colors and designs!

2- Choose the right fabric and color for the right time.

Although they might come in different shapes and fits, one of the most important things you should consider is the fabric and the color of the lingerie.

Purchase everyday underwear that is made out of cotton. Cotton briefs and shorts let the skin breathe and are more hygienic for daily use.

Don’t be scared to wear different fun colors, be more playful and bold with your bra choices, you can even match your bra colors with your shirts.

Our collection is all about mixing fabrics and patterns, to create fashionability, contrasts and non- boring lingerie sets that you can mix and match as much as you want!

Designed for everyday use, without specific special occasion, we used stripes, squares, bold, statement writings, funky stars, solid colors, lace and bows, polka dots and romantic patterns – to create a very young and energetic collection.

Our collection is all about being colorful, shades of pink and purple to blue and teal, a cool line of grey mixed with different fun light colors, classic colors such as navy blue, black and grey.

3- Wear it the right way

We always tend to tighten up the bra band to make sure the bra stays in its place, when in reality we need it to be fastened on the loosest hook for it to naturally stretch overtime, then you can always make it tighter.

4- Quality/Quantity

There is a certain thrill to buying lingerie! that’s why we must warn you, things might get out of hand once you find that right cut and size with those super cool patterns and colors. Hence, purchase undergarments that will last, fabrics that make you swoon, and colors to play up your personality and mood.


5- Washing!!!

Never do the mistake of over washing your underwear! Bras specifically are better to be hand washed because they are very sensitive and they require extra care.





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