Max's Autumn Winter inspirations

Posted on 30 Aug 2015

The temperature outside might still be sky-high but here at Max all we can think about is our Autumn/Winter collection for the upcoming season! Yes, that is right, after getting inspired by the runways in Paris and Milan we are currently developing a collection for the new season and YOU, our loyal Max fans are the first to get a sneak peek! Read on to know what will be trending this Autumn/Winter 2015-2016.
Ladies, the biggest trend you can expect this winter is fashionable Folklore. Imagine detailed embroidery, luxurious fabrics and an abundance of fringing, all in vibrant colors. The staple of the Folklore collection will be a paisley printed shift dress, belted at the waist and paired with a soft knit cardigan. 
The upcoming season is full of stark contrasts and the Winter Pastel Collection could not be more different from the Folklore trend. Picture yourself walking through the cobblestoned streets of Paris, rugged up in a wool coat the color of sweet candy floss on top of romantic rose-printed tights. Finish your Winter Pastel look with studded boots and structured handbag. C’est magnifique!
Rounding out your winter wardrobe will be heavy lace and tweed fabrics from our Shakespeare in Love Collection. We took inspiration from the bygone Victorian era and mixed beautifully feminine lace and embroidery with typically masculine knits. The key to this romantic look is combining different textures in monochromatic colors and adding bold, high-shine accessories.
Jungle meets the city this Autumn/Winter for men with the Urban Tribe Collection. From raglan jumpers to tees to just the pockets of shirts, the Aztec print is the hero for men this upcoming season. Denim pants and fashion joggers complete a perfectly edgy and masculine look. 
As the temperature drops, your little girl will morph into a beautiful snow angel with the Arctic World collection. Featuring soft knits, dual textures and over-sized ponchos in pretty pastel colors, Arctic World is the cuddliest and most luxurious collection yet! You daughter can connect with her spirit animal in adorable polar bear printed tees. 
Calling all junior lumberjacks! The Alpine Getaway collection features textured knits, heavy quilting and a modern take on camouflage so your son will feel comfortable in wintry forest landscapes. Youthful touches have been introduced in the form of sports jackets and sweaters paired with wool jogger pants. 
So you are now well ahead of the fashion-pack with exclusive knowledge of what to expect this upcoming Autumn/Winter season. Stay tuned to our Max Fashions Facebook page and make sure to follow @MaxFashionMENA on Instagram and Twitter to be the first to know when our fantastic new collections will hit a Max store near you!


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