Max Your Home

Posted on 29 Jun 2015

Home sweet home! It’s where families and friends gather to relax, eat and create everlasting memories. We know how important your home is and that is why our #Maxhomedeco collection covers every detail; from candles and paintings to plates and cups and even to bedding! Walk through with us as we show you how you can decorate your home! From the living room to kitchen, bedrooms to bathroom; decorate all spaces from one place, Max!  
Home Deco:
With these beautifully colored lanterns you will dazzle and amaze your guests as soon as they enter your home! Whether placed on the floor or elevated on a table, these lanterns are sure to add an exotic touch to your living space. For added ambience in the evening, place candles inside and watch these lanterns glow.
Cook up a storm with our wide variety of stylish pots and pans. You can choose from red, blue or bronze, or buy them all for your contemporary kitchen. And when dinner is over don’t forget to store and refrigerate your leftovers in some of these bright microwavable containers. 
Living Room:
How fresh is this? Add color to your living room with Max’s decorative cushions and adorn your walls with gorgeous floral paintings. Scented candles will have your living room smelling as delightful as a spring garden in full bloom. 
From the master suite to the hideaways of your little Prince and Princess, Max has bedrooms covered!  At our value prices you can rejuvenate your sleeping space with sheets, rugs, storage boxes and much more. 
The Bathroom:
No home is complete without a chic, well-facilitated bathroom and at Max we have a wide variety of bathroom accessories to suit your every need. Our versatile bathroom sets include a soap dispenser, soap holder, toothbrush holder and cup and are suitable for your whole family. Our collection of towels includes stylish colors in various sizes ensuring both family and guests are comfortable (and impressed!).
So, what are you waiting for? Give your home the spring makeover it deserves. Walk into your nearest Max store today and be blown away by the home ware as stylish as the fashion on offer. And, while you’re there, don’t forget to treat yourself with an updated outfit to match your brand new home!
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