Ramadan Tips from Max

Posted on 01 Jun 2016

How to Stay Healthy
  1. Don’t skip Suhoor!
  2. For Suhoor, eat plenty of fiber (fruit, whole grains, vegetables, etc) and protein (milk, eggs, yogurt, nuts, etc.).
  3. Don’t drink too much water all at once. 
  4. During the day, avoid sun exposure if possible and avoid too much physical activity.
  5. For iftar, start eating again with a light salad or soup
  6. Pace yourself during iftar! Chew all of your food properly before swallowing, and take breaks between plates.
  7. Don’t overdo it on the sweets- try substituting dates or fruit for heavy, sugary desserts.
Encourage Good Deeds with a DIY Activity for Kids to Brighten up someone’s Ramadan!
For a cute and clever DIY activity to do with kids and teens, have them each make a “Good Deeds Calendar” for the month of Ramadan! Get crafty and creative together, and encourage them to be humble and earn hasanat. Their 30 deeds can be anything from giving a hug to their brother or sister, giving to charity or helping mom with dishes!
Make the calendar in any way you and your kids choose, or follow these steps:
Get a big piece of paper and draw 31 evenly-spaced horizontal lines across the page, leaving a space at the top for decorations.
Draw two vertical lines down the page.
Use one column for the date (for 2016, the dates are June 6th until July 5th), one column to describe the good deed of the day, and one for pictures, a checkbox for when the deeds are completed, or whatever you like!
Take the time to discuss each deed your kids suggest. Have them explain why they chose each one and how each relates to Islam.
Have them get crazy with the Ramadan-related decorations, pin it to the wall, and watch the magic happen as they achieve their deeds throughout the Holy Month!
Inspiration: What to Wear
Whether iftar is going to be casual, formal or something in between, we’ve got you covered! Max has Ramadan looks for the whole family. Check out some of our favorite styling ideas from the 2016 Max Ramadan Collection!
This solid colored dress embraces the jewel-tone theme, which we’ll be seeing a lot more of this summer. The details on the neck give it a regal essence, and the flowy length is perfect for being more modest during Ramadan.
Have the whole family looking classy this Ramadan- from gorgeous silky dresses for mom to handsome looks for dad and pretty princess bow dress for little girls! Soft and warm pastels are nice to wear to Ramadan.
A-line dresses are great for when you’re feeling bloated after iftar- and they’re cute and flattering too! Accessorize with Max shoes, handbags and jewelry for a complete new look for Ramadan!
Share your Iftar outfit with us using the #MaxRamadan2016 and don’t forget to follow Max on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more Iftar outfit inspiration.
This season remember to stay healthy, stay stylish, and stay YOU. #BeReal
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