Posted on 06 Jan 2016

The two words that we all love to hear!   
The end of the season is approaching and Max is giving you the opportunity to update your winter wardrobe! To get you even more excited about our End of Season Sale, we’ve put together a list of winter must-haves, and why we love them! Time to get together with your favorite shopping buddies and head to Max! 

1. Winter accessories

It’s 2016! The New Year is your opportunity to reinvent yourself, so why not make it a goal to be extra bold with your style this year! Show everyone who you are with what you wear! Like a cute, floppy winter hat, perhaps? Or maybe a faux fur vest!
Winter accessories max

2. Boots!!! 

Wear them with pants, skirts, dresses and leggings to keep your feet warm and show off your unique style. And one of the reasons why we love boots? You don’t have to have perfectly pedicured toes! Wearing boots in winters give your toe nails a rejuvenating break from all the nail polish.
boots max

3. Soft, cozy sweaters.

The key to staying cozy while you’re out is “layering”. Whether you’re outside in cold weather in Europe or the AC is a bit too cold for you in Dubai, Sweaters, jackets and coats come in wide colors and styles at Max, so the styling possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for?
Soft cozy sweaters max

4. Plaid, of course!

Plaids and checks are a staple all year round, but in no way does this mean they’re boring! Use your creativity and confidence to style plaids your way and incorporate them into any look! For example, wear them with girly accessories to show versatility or layer with denim to achieve the ultimate cute and casual look!   
Plaid of course max

5. Stylish scarves

Scarves have two important functions. Their original purpose, of course, is to keep you warm. But they can also add color and style to your outfit! If you feel like your outfit is missing something while you’re running out the door, instead of changing your entire outfit, just add a scarf! Scarves come in different fabrics, colors and patterns, and they can do wonders for an outfit! 

6. MOTIV8 – the new active wear! 

Who’s New year resolution is to get fit? Getting to the gym is the hardest, so why not use some motivation from Max’s active wear collection!
These can also be used as great lounge clothes. 
MOTIV8 the new active wear
For great deals on all winter items, head into your nearest Max store for the End of Season Sale! And don’t forget to follow @MaxFashionMENA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for fashion inspiration for you and your whole family.
Want to share your styling skills? Tag us in your favorite outfits and use the hashtags #BeReal and #MaxFashionMENA !


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