Swimsuits for Every Shape!

Posted on 04 Aug 2015

Trends come and go but the key to eternal style is selecting the right clothes that accentuate the shape of a woman’s body. This rule applies to beachwear as well and the easiest way to make sure you are flattering your figure is to select a swimsuit that celebrates your body shape.
The first step is to decide which category your body fits into – are you an apple, athletic, an inverted triangle, an hour-glass or a pear? The second step is to follow Max’s guide for dressing your shape and treat yourself to the perfect Max swimsuit this summer!  
Apples: Deliciously rounded, apple-shaped women have perfectly proportioned hips and shoulders, a big bust and a soft stomach. If you identify as an apple, shape your stomach in a tankini style swimsuit and make sure to show off your toned legs with high cut bottoms. 
Athletics: Narrow shoulders, small hips and a toned tummy make up the perfectly petite athletics! If you are an athletic-shaped woman, add feminine curves to your figure with ruffled bandeau style tops and low-cut bikini bottoms that tie at the sides. Bonus points for showing off your rock hard abs!
Inverted Triangles: Are you quite busty with broad shoulders and narrow hips? If so, think of yourself as an inverted triangle! Emphasize your feminine assets with underwire bikini tops that have thicker straps for support and add curves to your hips with ruche details. 
Hour-Glasses: If you identify with the perfectly proportioned feminine figures of Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe then you are definitely an hour-glass. Celebrate your iconic shape with bold and solid colored bikinis that highlight your curvy hips and bust. Or try a one-piece that nips in at your delicate waist!
Pears: With narrow shoulders, small busts and voluptuous hips, pear-shaped women embody the current trend among bodacious celebrities. Elongate your figure and show off your curvy hips in brightly colored one-piece swimsuits! Deep necklines and halter-tops will add shape to your dainty bust-line and shoulders.
For all the flattering swimsuit looks this summer, visit your nearest Max store! Don’t forget to celebrate your body shape with us by tagging @MaxFashionMENA on Instagram and Twitter!
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