The Summer Sale is Here!

Posted on 16 Aug 2016

So guess what? The entire Max Summer Collection 2016 is on sale! You can now get cool, breezy summer styles for light and easy prices for the entire family! Want a little sneak peek into some of the trends you can find at the sale? Keep reading…..

For all the ladies with style and grace, the Max Summer Sale is just the place! The entire collection is on sale, so whether you’re looking for fancy summer dresses and accessories or just a good pair of pajamas or sweatpants, now you can find all of your favorite styles for even less than the amazing Max prices! Check it out:

Pay even less for this adorable mustard and white-printed jumpsuit, as seen on our fabulous Summer Collection Campaign! It’s lightweight, bright and sunny- just like you!

And this wardrobe staple: the sleeveless midi dress with round neck and waist tie- your new 2016 LBD?

And how do you feel about leopard print? This dress is classy, pretty, flowy and fabulous. Try it on! You might as well- the Summer Sale is on!

Why not throw these basic mélange leggings in your shopping cart too! They’re great for a casual look with a long top, gym time and lounging around the house!  

Guys!  Being stylish is definitely not a quality limited to women. You’ve got a unique look and we know it! And if you don’t think you like shopping, give it a second chance while the 2016 Max Summer Sale is on! I bet we could change your mind with these great summer looks! Check out a few of the items we’ll be marking down just for you!

Bored of your shorts? Try these! They’re sporty, chic, and they’re black so they match with everything! And they’re the perfect length for  a casual vibe.

Or if those aren’t your style, you can try these American East Coast-style preppy shorts! Great with top-siders or penny loafers.

Get this shirt too! The color looks great with every complexion and it can be dressed up or down!

With the kind of heat we’ve been getting this summer, every guy needs this tank top!

The 2016 Max Summer Sale doesn’t stop here! For the little ones who often seem to be growing right before your eyes, check out these adorable items you can style them in for less! And this is just a tiny, little hint of what awaits you at Max!

A girl can never have too many dresses. The basic casual ones are the best! Solid color with bright and pretty embroidery on this dress is irresistible- Add it to your shopping cart!

Cool graphic T-shirt and these neon stripey shorts! They’re super cute, and are on the greatest deals in town!

So there you have it- a little sneak peek into the Sale! Now you can head into your nearest Max store and explore the rest! You can also check out, and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #MaxFashionMENA for all your stylish Max outfit finds. Happy shopping!!!!!









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