Why and how you should be wearing your Max organic cotton T-shirts!

Posted on 28 Dec 2015

There is nothing more attractive than a man in jeans and a cotton T-shirt. This classic look is the epitome of effortless, casual style.
Fashion is not only about the glitz and glam but also about caring for the environment! That’s why Max has created a line of organic cotton t-shirts for men. In addition to being softer than regular cotton, organic cotton has other important benefits:
● It uses less water,
● Organic cotton is NOT treated with harmful pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and GMOs,
● Supports cotton farmers and workers.
● Cotton is more sweat absorbent than synthetic fabrics.
To get you a little bit more excited about styling your basic T-shirt, Max has compiled some celebrity T-shirt style inspiration. Here are just a few looks you can achieve with Max Organic T!

1. The Classic Casual Man

David Beckham is both a professional footballer and a T-shirt lover. His effortless style is both attractive and easily achievable. Pair a white Max Scoop Neck Organic Cotton Tee with your favorite pair of Max jeans to get Beckham’s classic, laid-back look!  
Max uae The Classic Casual Man

2. Calm, Cool & Collected 

If you sport the white T-shirt look a little too often, switch it up a bit by changing the color of your T! Blue is a calming color, and blends easily with black or blue denims. Plain T-shirts are perfect for highlighting your stylish accessories like sunglasses. Zac Efron achieves this look perfectly, and you can get yours at Max! 
max t shirt Calm Cool Collected

3. Formally Chill

Ryan Gosling’s style is formal yet chilled, 
With the help of a classic v-neck t-shirt, he’s avoided having to wear a stuffy, starchy collared shirt with his suit for a night out- GENIUS! Get your comfortable organic cotton v-neck T- shirt at Max and replace your boring formal shirt!
You can achieve all of these looks and many more while making a conscious effort to help  the environment, so what are you waiting for?
T-shirts are always in style, so go grab one, two or more!  


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