Why you should shop the Max Spring Sale!

Posted on 09 May 2016

Whether you’re a fashionista who’s constantly lusting after the latest trends or just plain sick of your current wardrobe, you should definitely head into Max to catch the sale! We’re making way for the summer collection (Who’s excited?), which means Max spring looks can be yours for unbelievable deals! 
To give you a bit of a taste of what’s waiting for you at the sale, we’ve compiled a small selection of our favorite Spring 2016 items that are about to be yours for a whole lot less!


Get this fabulous, retro, striped jacket and many others like it. Great for sprucing up a solid-colored top or dress and covering up when there’s a bit of a spring breeze (or if the air conditioning is a tad too chilly). Either way, you’re going to look great. 
max women shop
The Max Spring 2016 Collection has dresses on dresses! And we’ve got good news for you- many of the styles, colors and trends from spring are most definitely going to spill over into summer! Flowers, for example, have been trending for a while and it looks like they’re here to stay! And all those jewel tones? Keep your eyes out, fashionistas! 
woman max sale


T-shirts with pockets and t-shirts without, t-shirts with pictures and text, solid colors and more; the Max Spring Sale’s got it all! Pick a different tee to suit every occasion and mood, and with prices this low, why not grab a few for family and friends! 
max men t-shirt
A guy can never have too many button-down collared shirts! When the Mrs. won’t let you wear a t-shirt, it’s a good idea to listen. Plus, not all collared shirts are stuck-up and stuffy! Shop at Max for your favorite colors, styles, sleeve-lengths, and fit to have a few that you’ll actually love to wear! Shop the Spring Sale to get tons of great looks for a fraction of the price! 
button-down collared shirts


Keeping your kids looking sharp (or at least clean) is no easy feat! And when they keep growing so fast it can also do quite a number on your wallet. But great value isn’t the only reason you should catch the Max Spring Sale- the styles are too cute to avoid! Like this super cute floral dress… 
max kids
And for your boys? They’ll be looking cool as ever in their graphic tees, cool jeans, shorts, collared shirts, polos, hats, sunglasses and so much more! Everything he’ll need for the upcoming season of fun, all for the fraction of the original prices. Head in today to get the best picks! 
kids collared shirts polos
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